Where and how I live – the Beer Room

In 2000, my brother and I opened a pub in Pontinvrea called the BEER ROOM.

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We made that decision after returning from a six-week trip in Ireland where we had a hell of a time in the most fantastic pubs in the world.
Fortunately, it did not take us very long to create our own pub back home. It is located just next door to the restaurant LA PINETA that is owned by my parents – a typical, welcoming, warm place that is very popular with all the villagers as well as the tourists that end up eating there by chance.

But let me tell you more about the pub…

Building it was pretty easy as my brother and I had a pretty clear idea of the kind of place we wanted – not a pale imitation of an Irish pub in any way…

First of all, we decided to divide the pub into separate rooms on different levels, with loads of tables, counters, stools and plenty of stuff hanging from the ceiling and walls – early 19th century photographs, candelabra, lanterns, frames, mirrors, a “Vespa special” and even a vacuum cleaner from the fifties…

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We gathered all these things from old houses, stuff long forgotten in some cupboard or left to rot behind some piece of furniture… Besides, in every single section of the pub, various freestyle motocross videos are played – a way for me to pass on my passion to those who come there for a quiet drink.

Yet, evenings are not always quiet at the Beer Room. There is live music every week, from rock ‘n’ roll to heavy metal and country music.

Sometimes, you’ll see guys riding past the pub on mini bikes or huge Harley Davidsons – or on any type of vehicle, just as long as it has an engine. Some nights, you’ll see someone riding a pit-bike with a pig-shaped side car, or bikers wearing the oddest disguises or no clothes at all zooming by….

What more could I tell you? There is so much to say about the Beer Room. To make a long story short, it’s a cool place with a great atmosphere, great stuff to drink, great people to talk to… and a lot of mess just the way we like it!

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