My story – part 3


At lunch, my brother Luca usually sat at a separate table with some red-eyed friend – from lack of sleep, probably. Luca dressed poorly and spent most of his time riding a black Harley-Davidson that he eventually gave up, just like that.
These last few years, my brother has driven his Land Rover Defender the length and breadth of Africa several times. Sometimes he tells me about his Trans Africa expeditions, from Algiers to Cape Aguilas, from Durban to Cairo, driving through the Democratic Republic of Congo, in the midst of wars and diseases, to bring aid to a small mission lying at the heart of Africa. Luca writes books inspired by his travels and uses the money to help the Sisters back in Congo. When he is in Italy, he runs a pub that he and I opened ten years ago – a cheerful and always-crowded place that I still consider to be the best pub in the world. Meanwhile, in all that confusion, I was looking for my own path: I wanted a bike of my own, with motocross tires, so that I could finally fly!


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